A couple of Recent COBOL Articles

Hackada Making The Case for COBOL. References Jim’s announcement. Also points to an earlier article by James R. Martin (Brush up on your COBOL: Why is a 60 year old language suddenly in demand.

And a word from those who want to make $GAZILLIONS rearchitecting the 100s of billions of lines of legacy COBOL and the data associated: Going From COBOL to Cloud Native. An absolute money-maker for the consultants. GnuCOBOL now and GnuCOBOL or gcobol at some point in the future can get the apps running nicely in the cloud for a total “conversion cost” measured in pennies per line of COBOL code. Assuming no show-stoppers, probably cheaper than the research phase prior to a new “Cloud Native” (deconstructed, rearchitected, etc.) design. Maybe MUCH cheaper.

Our recommendation?

Reach out and we’ll work with you on a proof of concept using GnuCOBOL. We can try converting one of the simpler batch jobs (backroom end of month reports? They don’t work “cloud native” anyway.) Using GnuCOBOL! Open Source. No license fees. No “freemium”. And see how it goes.

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