About COBOLworx

COBOLworx was created by Symas to pursue “the COBOL opportunity”. For the history and status, please see The Story So Far.

COBOLworx has supported a number of initiatives with development of compiler-related function and middle-ware support. We are very open to discussions of partnering/collaborating to improve the COBOL capabilities on modern hardware and platforms.

COBOLworx developed the first run-time source-level debugging capability for any COBOL environment. It is a partner application for GnuCOBOL that produces COBOL programs that can be debugged using gdb, the Gnu debugger. See the Resources page for more information.

COBOL Technical Support

COBOLworx has extensive experience with GnuCOBOL. We have committers on the project and have worked with COBOL applications developers and end-users using the software. We offer professional commercial technical support and services to teams adopting GnuCOBOL.

Contact Information