GnuCOBOL Support for Packaged Applications

Packaged Software

Independent Software providers like Die SOFTWARE Objectway Group GmbH, develop and maintain COBOL-based applications. When they support the use of their applications using GnuCOBOL, they rely on the Open Source Software Project for support. When you install their application, your needs for total application support become mission-critical and even the best-intentions of a volunteer-based project don’t offer the level of support you require.

Specialized Support

COBOLworx springs from a team supporting customers using OpenLDAP for their Enterprise Directories for over twenty years. We now offer a comprehensive Technical Support Product for users of ISV COBOL Applications running on the GnuCOBOL language platform.

This product is simpler and much less expensive than the products COBOLworx offers for GnuCOBOL developers and for Production Support of enterprise-developed applications. Because the ISV already has excellent support for its application, COBOLworx’s involvement is limited to issues isolated in the GnuCOBOL compiler, libraries, and tool chain.

Detailed Product Description

Production Support

Annual support fees for a packaged application running in production are priced on a per “instance” basis. An instance is a copy of the application running on a physical server, a virtual machine locally or in The Cloud. This pricing only applies to Production or Disaster Recovery (hot standby) instances. An active support agreement also includes support for a reasonable number of development, test, quality assurance, audit or other Non-Production instances at no additional cost.

This product does not cover COBOL source code errors within the software provider’s software. COBOLworx will help you and the ISV isolate such problems and work with the ISV to find a remedy. We have relationships with ISVs whose packages we support under this Product. COBOLworx’s support covers the compiler platform and its integration into your production platform(s).

Installation and Migration Support

COBOLworx also offers a Support level (Product) designed to help you while the team installs a supported ISV application or converts it to run on GnuCOBOL. For installation and migration, support is offered on a per “Platform”(1) basis instead of a per “Instance”. When the ISV application package goes into production, the remaining months, if any, from the Deployment Support Agreement can then be applied to the subsequent Production Support Agreement.



  1. A platform is a combination of an operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OSx, Unix) and a hardware architecture (Intel, AMD, ARM).