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  1. We're Changing Our Name!

    Camelian.Systems is a great name but it does not tell a story about what we do. So we stumbled on a better one and changed it!

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  2. Git Repository for

    We stood up a `GitLab` Server to host our repositories.

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  3. New Look for the Site

    We've changed site generators. It lets us add features as well as improve the look.

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  4. The First COBOL101 Lessons Are Up!

    A series of variations on "Hello World", an introduction to talking to a program via the keyboard (console), and a look at how COBOL defines data are available now. See [**COBOL101**](

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  5. How a New Jersey CIO Learned to Love COBOL

    From the Facebook *Cobol Programmers* group we get a familiar (to us at Camelian) story of a history of "modernizations".

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